Square One – Back again.

Square One – Back again.

Well. Here I am. Back at Square One – yet again.

At several different times in my life I have been quite successful at losing weight. Never have I actually gotten down to my goal weight, but I have reached a point where I have felt healthy, fit, and full of energy.

Typically, I am able to maintain this level for a good amount of time. Years even.

The last time I focused on weight loss I was doing great, working out all the time, eating a healthy diet, doing all the stuff I know I should be doing. As other things started taking my focus away from that healthy lifestyle weight crept back on while I wasn’t paying attention.

Sure, I noticed my pants starting to get tighter, my dresses and shirts getting shorter, and the number of steps taken on my fitbit dwindling to embarrassingly low levels. With the other things distracting me, I was able to put it off, and “I’ll start next week” it to death. I also used the classics “I don’t have time” and “I’m too tired.”

Before I knew it, I was forced to buy clothes to replace the ones I had donated because they had previously become too big. Of course I donated those clothes, I was never going to wear that size again!! Although I have played this game a few times before, this was actually the fastest I have ever put weight back on.

So, starting tomorrow (no, seriously I am starting tomorrow) I will be on a medically supervised program through Kaiser. It is very similar to a program I did 16 years ago, but with a little more structure and a lot more support.

Welcome to my journey. There will be whining and complaining. Willpower and triumph. Agony and joy. Hopefully somewhere along the way there will be smaller clothes and longer workouts.


3 thoughts on “Square One – Back again.

  1. You can do it! Getting started a second or third time is so hard in different ways from starting the first time. I recently dealt with that with going back to the gym. I hadn’t been for MONTHS and my strength/endurance have fallen so far from where they used to be… but the only way to fix that is to tough it out!


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