Week One Done

Well, sort of. I started this latest adventure officially last Friday. I am doing the Optifast program through Kaiser. In the first phase of the program I am completely on meal replacements in the form of shakes, soups, and snack bars. Thursdays are weekly check-ins with staff who make sure I am doing okay on the program, followed by a class to teach me skills for when food is reintroduced into my diet. So, since my first check-in and meal replacement was last Thursday and my next one should be* this evening, I’m going to say I have week one done.

How did it go, you ask? Mostly very well. Oh, you have follow up questions. Yes, I was hungry. Very hungry. I think Day 2 was the worst, but I made sure to drink lots of water and I don’t think I had my supplements dialed in. Timing is key. I was waiting too long between shakes. I have since adjusted and it’s gotten much better.

I don’t care about watching other people eating, or smelling the delightful food being consumed. My attitude is that this part isn’t forever, and I will be enjoying food again soon enough. This attitude may go downhill as the weeks go on, but I’m hopefull that I will be able to remember that going forward. As long as I don’t have to cook anything for anyone, I think I’ll be fine.

The one thing I’m still struggling with is exercise. Once I get going I am really good about exercising. But, once I break the habit it is difficult to get back on that wagon; or more accurately, the treadmill. I know I enjoy working out, I know all the benefits, but actually getting going is easier said than done.

This is another case where I know what to do, I just haven’t done it yet. But, I did prioritize getting the meal replacements dialed in for week one. Maybe week two’s focus will be on fitting in the fitness.

*I say “should be” because instead of going to tonight’s class I will be attending a graduation ceremony. Sadly, the high school refused to change the time/day of graduation based on my scheduling conflict. My bummed-ness over missing the first weigh-in is overshadowed by seeing family members graduate.


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